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We help building owners to achieve a positive return on their investment.

We understand your need to maintain your building and your need to generate revenue from your asset.

We also know that having a comprehensive understanding of a prospective building’s condition is key to investing wisely.  Our building envelope team can help you to determine areas in need of immediate attention and areas of future concern that may impact your investment plan.

If you are embarking on a design-build venture, we can help you to maximize your construction budget and timelines and help you to identify design problem areas long before they can cause costly delays.

Having strong relationships with trade contractors is key to ensuring that your building remains structurally healthy and attractive to prospective tenants and buyers.  We offer a Preventative Maintenance Program to maximize the lifespan of your roof.  In emergencies, our 24/7 hotline allows you to get help when you need it most.

Let us assist you with your building asset.

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