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As one of the largest waterproofing companies in Canada, we specialize in waterproofing restoration, repairs, and new construction.  For over 25 years we have been protecting assets, specializing in blindside waterproofing, elevator pits, water tanks, traffic topping and more.  We are known for our custom solutions for the most complex construction and for our attention-to-detail in waterproofing repairs.  In addition, through our affiliations with provincial associations such as SWA, we offer you the added of value of standards warranties.



The worst part about a leak is not knowing where it’s coming from.  Since the source is often hidden by interior and exterior barriers, you need a service provider who can locate it with minimal disruption to other building elements.  With technology such as infrared scanning, we help you understand the source and scope of the problem.  Whether it is a water tank leak or a foundation leak, you can trust that we can find it and more importantly, offer a solution to stop it.


Waterproofing is protection.  The unseen components of your building often have the most impact on it’s lifespan.  That’s why it is important to have a waterproofing partner who understands the design of your building in the early stages.  A foundation is only laid once; we can help you feel confident that your waterproofing will protect your structure from ground up.


We aim to make your job easier by being your one-stop-shop for all waterproofing matters.  Many owners and managers are unaware that the materials used in waterproofing apply to other building needs as well.  Like traffic topping in parking garages, water tanks, elevator pits and roofing.  We’re here to help you explore and understand your building’s needs and offer you custom budgeting options.

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