Scheduled Departure 2020: Meeting Deadlines on YVR Spill

Scheduled Departure 2020: Meeting Deadlines on YVR Spill


When we became part of the project team on the YVR Spill project, we knew Bothwell had hit a milestone in Western Canada.

The project is part of a larger $9.1 billion project employing more than 2,500 construction professionals.

The scope of the project is daunting enough, but the logistics of constructing at a functioning airport add a whole new element.  For safety and security, each time there is an airplane emergency, our work must stop.

Oh, and then there is Vancouver’s penchant for fog.  Fog so thick that it causes work to cease.  It not only prevents planes from landing and taking off, but also prevents our field crew from seeing each other and potentially hazardous situations on the job site.

However, those factors were communicated by PCL early on; we knew we when we accepted the contract that we would need to be flexible and adapt.

Our roofing and cladding managers emphasize cohesiveness and adjust schedules for maximize efficiency (like working at night when there is less air traffic.)  Our field crew focuses on making the most of every minute and working together with our trade partners to as united project team.

The result?  We are on schedule and confident that we will remain so.

The YVR Spill project scheduled to be completed in 2020.  We’re proud to be part of the team that is helping this project to arrive on time.




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