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Bothwell-Accurate is becoming a leader in the area of architectural metals. Specifically, we supply and install all building panel elements in Division 7 (Thermal & Moisture Protection). The types of solutions that we are becoming recognized for implementing include aluminum composite panels, fibre cement panels, metal siding, insulated panels, zinc and copper. Architectural metals are fast becoming a building envelope solution that asset owners now consider to be an effective way to enhance the long-term value and look of their buildings.


Metal panels are a durable and fire resistant cladding solution. They are an ideal environmental solution due to their recyclability. Their flexibility makes them and ideal solution for complex designs.

As a leader in architectural metals, we supply and install all building panel elements Division 7 (Thermal and Moisture Protection.)

We help you to understand your options, whether for new construction or repair. Due to its use for complex design, metal cladding requires precision in project planning and installation. We are your cladding partner who can assist you from start to finish.


Metal is arguably the most versatile of cladding options.

It’s ability to create sleek exteriors makes it a popular choice for architects. However, the multitude of material and finishes, and the variety of interlocking and attachment methods means that the options can seem endless – and daunting to choose.

Our estimating and CAD teams specialize in design assist. We help you to understand your material and manufacturer options and provide accurate pricing. We pro-actively identify potential problem areas in the pre-construction phase so as to avoid costly delays in the build phase.


Whether you need execution of a complex metal cladding system or repairs to existing metal siding, we’re here to help.

From metal roofs to canopies; from mechanical enclosures to full building cladding; we’re your metal experts. More and more, buildings are designed with metal. You need a cladding partner who understands the options and can help you to make the right decisions.

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