George’s Positive Outlook for 2021

George’s Positive outlook for 2021

It is with great pleasure and pride that I congratulate the complete BA team for a better than expected 2020 and a very positive outlook for 2021. We have just received our continued “COR” approval which signifies our stance on safety and making all of Bothwell’s offices and sites safe for everyone. We put our employee’s safety first and foremost and this shows an exemplary safety record that we are all extremely proud of.

Through continued training and attention to details and safety our record speaks for itself. Our team always thinks safety first and we have learned to rely on each other to have each others corporate backs. With continued growth throughout 2020 and continuing in 2021 through an acquisition of Glastech Glazing in Vancouver and of larger premises for us to grow even more we are in a great position to continue supporting our great client base and gives us the comfort to know we can support them as they grow.

Together our team is the best in the industry and with the commitment to always push for more from everyone in the organization from top to bottom. Bothwell has never been so healthy, strong and positive and it is with great confidence that we march forward through these times of uncertainty. We look forward to the future and find ourselves very prepared for anything and everything that may present itself in our march forward into a very exciting future.  


George Vassallo

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