Canadian Athlete’s Feature: Ice Dancer’s Lily Hensen & Nathan Lickers

Photograph by: Danielle Earl

Canadian Athlete’s Feature: Ice Dancer’s Lily Hensen & Nathan Lickers


We asked Lily and Nathan questions that help us learn how they became a team, and what this new sponsorship means to them.

Hometown:  London, Ontario

How long have you been in figure staking for?

We both got into figure skating at a very young age, Lily was 3 and Nathan was 7.

How did you both meet?

Lily – I got asked by my coach at the time if I would like to try out for ice dance with Nathan as he was interested in holding try-outs to see if It was something he wanted to pursue. I had always wanted to skating pairs or dance so I was very excited as the prospect of skating with Nathan.

Nathan – My coach Alma Moir asked me if I would be interested in trying ice dance. At the try outs is where Lily and I met for the first time.

How long have you been a duo for?

We officially became an ice dance team in November 2012. We have been skating with each other for just over 10 years and we are going into our 9th competition season this year at the senior ice dance level.

Where do you see yourselves in the future?

We hope to represent Canada Internationally at the figure skating World Championships as well as representing our country in the future at the Olympic Games.

What’s the hardest part about figure skating/ ice dance?

Lily – The hardest part of ice dance for me would be trying to balance skating and every other aspect of my life. With such a busy training schedule it can be hard to fit in time to be with my family and friends but I know how important that balance is and I always strive to make time for both.

Nathan – The hardest part about figure skating and ice dance for me would be training very early in the mornings and the crazy schedule we have throughout the week. Although it can be hard to get going some mornings, on the ice is where I feel free and I love being there.

What does Bothwell’s support mean to you?

Bothwell’s generosity means the world to us. We are so grateful for all the support they are giving us so we can continue doing what we love. We cannot thank the Bothwell team enough for believing in us and our hopes and dreams.

Click here to watch some clips of the two in action!

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