Ways to beat the HEAT on site

Workers in the Sun

Beat the HEAT

With temperatures continuously rising and record high numbers becoming a new norm, the intense heat can really affect the health and productivity of all those who are out working on the sites.

As you continue to work in the blazing sun, heat fatigue is a main factor that causes workers to be careless and wear less protective clothing. Those who have been working in the field for some time now, know how harsh summer days can be.

Some common Heat-Related Illnesses to keep in mind:

  • Heat Cramps, Rash or Exhaustion
  • Fainting or Heat Stroke
  • Disorientation and Dizziness

Hydration is KEY!

If you’re beginning to feel any of the heat-related symptoms, take some time to hydrate!

Always stay hydrated even before a workday by taking some time to drink the proper amount of fluids. Continue to do so during and after the day. Health experts usually recommended at least 2 litres of water a day, which is also equivalent to 4 bottles of water.

Although it can be very challenging, try to avoid the drinks that cause your body to become even more hydrated, such as sodas and coffee.

Some common signs of Hydration to keep in mind:

  • A dry mouth, lips and eyes
  • Feeling tired, dizzy or lightheaded

Dress COOL!

And by cool, I mean dress appropriately for the weather. Since darker clothes attract the sunlight, aim for something lighter coloured, lightweight and looser fitting. With proper clothing you will be able to allow any air to help cool you down naturally.

Note: Mornings tend to be cooler than the afternoons!

Know your LIMITS!

Don’t over do it, taking a break in the shade is ideal on hot days.

Again, if you are beginning to feel any of the heat-related symptoms, taking some time for a quick 5-minute break in a shaded area will allow your body to cool down. This would also be an ideal time to drink some water.

If you start to notice that one of your crew members showing early signs of heat exhaustion, don’t hesitate to take early steps to prevent it from getting any worse. Nothing is more important than your health and the health of others.

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